A note from the Lead Deviser

Barbara Pitts McAdams

Devised theater is the defacto label for any play-making process that does NOT begin with the playwright alone in a room. There are many ways to devise. At Tectonic Theater Project, we call our devising process Moment Work. Tectonic is known for work that has a social justice component, but our main objective is to create work that explores new theatrical “forms,” using all the elements of the stage in the development process.  (“Tectonic” refers to the art and science of structure. Think: architecture, tectonic plates…).  We try to let the story evolve from explorations with sound, lights, costumes, props, movement, and of course words.  We come into the theater space with a “hunch” about a subject, event or theme that we think might be compelling on stage, like our festival’s theme: To thine own self be true. We often bring in written source material, but we always bring in other elements to play with: lights, costumes, set pieces, sound and music, projections or video (just to name a few – the elements of the stage are vast!). The devised work you see today is the result of our Moment Work together.