Dr Charles BarderDear APAC Theatre Participants,

It is with much enthusiasm that we welcome you to the 2017 Asia Division APAC Theatre Festival.  We are proud of our school, and we are committed to ensuring that you have a high quality experience.  Please do not hesitate to ask when you need help or have a question. One of the outcomes of hosting an event like this is the impact it has on the rest of our community.  As a member of APAC, our program is growing and developing to reach APAC standards.  The more that our students, faculty and parents can experience the outstanding levels of performance that occur at APAC arts events, the more our progress will accelerate.  Therefore I thank you in advance for offering your best effort not only to improve your own levels of performance, but also to provide a model for our school community.

Safe travels and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you on our campus.

Dr. Chip Barder
Head of School


Peter KennedyDear APAC Theatre Participants,

On behalf of the entire UNIS Hanoi community I warmly welcome you to the 2017 APAC Theatre Festival.  I sincerely believe your involvement in this event will be an enriching and rewarding experience. During your time in Hanoi you will have the opportunity to sharpen your skills and deepen your dramatic appreciation. We are also extremely fortunate to have Guest Directors: Barbara Pitts McAdams, Kimberley Shaw, Phil Ridley in attendance.  I am confident that each participant will benefit greatly from working with our Guest Directors!

Given our international context you will have the opportunity to collaborate with students from six international schools representing a multitude of cultures.  Please take this opportunity to build relationships and grow together. My hope is that your participation in this very special event will awaken your imagination and open your mind to the power of drama as well as build new avenues for creativity and communication.

Good luck and enjoy!

Warm regards,
Pete Kennedy
                                                             MSHS Principal


Tarique Al-lesaDear APAC Theatre Participants,

It is with great pleasure that, on behalf of the entire UNIS Hanoi community, I welcome you to the 2017 APAC Theatre Festival. Our activities department team, staff and parents have worked extremely hard to make sure this is a memorable APAC experience for all involved.  I appreciate and applaud their efforts. I would like to emphasize that the goal of each APAC festival is to nurture the talents of our young actors, hone their skills and instill self-confidence in the specific areas of expertise as well as to develop their interest and appreciation of arts. We hope the festival will encourage social interaction as students work collaboratively to prepare ensemble presentations. The entire UNIS Hanoi community is eagerly anticipating the final performance where all participating students and directors will showcase their collaborative efforts.

I would like to wish everyone a successful and enjoyable festival, but also emphasize that the opportunity to collaborate with your peers, the friendships you will develop, and the cultural experiences are what make these festivals so very special.  Please represent with pride your school, parents, community, and host country.

We hope that the festival website will answer most of your questions.  If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask me or any other member of the UNIS Hanoi School community.

                                                            Have a great festival!
                                                            Tarique AL-Iesa
                                                            Director of Activities